Having a north-facing garden means you’re growing in the shade, at a significant disadvantage in comparison to southern-facing gardens. Lavender flowers vary in size, shape and color. Eight hours a day is the ideal, with light shade in the hottest part of your Caribbean afternoons. Reading your article, 1st thing I should do is to check if the soil is porous since I just bought it from the nursery. I am Sara from Mongolia and I really would like to plant lavender in my country. Based on your article I think I overwatered them. If you are planting early in northern climates, you should skip ahead to the section on growing indoors. According to Natalia Dudareva, associate professor in the department of horticulture and landscape architecture at Purdue University, flowers emit higher quantities of scent molecules when they’re ready for pollination, and when pollinators are the most active. The biggest fallback of growing indoors is the lack of light. Lavender is a native plant growing in Mediterranean region. What can we do about the air humidity as it is around 90% year round and probably more during rainy season? In Mongolia, any people haven’t tried to grow lavender. I’ve seen both in ground and potted feedback from the blogs I’ve read, so I’m not sure which will be successful! Great article! I’m in Wasilla, AK , Hi. Hey. Very helpful, thank you . What type of soil is best to start seeds? If you live in a southern state where summers are long and hot, then you’ll need to provide slight shade during the peak heat of the day, and aid in air circulation by generously spacing out your plants. Gardener’s Path and Ask the Experts, LLC assume no liability for the use or misuse of the material presented above. My zone is 5ish. My little one will go in a pot. . Use pea gravel, not compost, as a mulch to help keep the roots cool. If you fail to compensate for climate, then your plant will not yield as bountiful a harvest, or even fail to survive. Strip the blossoms off for use in potpourri or baking. Mix of blonde and grey. Thanks to your article, I know how to grow lavender. Could use your help. Purchase good quality potting mix and add a little lime to sweeten it. Make it a habit to add lime every month or so to give your lavender the lean soil it craves. Have you had success growing this stunning perennial herb? Lavender is a great choice in seaside gardens as it tolerates windy conditions, sandy soils and some salt spray. Remember when I said lavender hates water? If you live in a climate that isn't ideal for a lavender plant, there are steps you can take to help your lavender be successful. Thanks, Sherrol! Plan to grow most in pots, so will be looking for sand and gravel to add to soil….without fertilizer! Zone 6. Lavender requires very little water. In order to ensure strong growth and a healthy life, I will walk you through the steps and considerations of when, where, and how to grow your plant outdoors. You will likely have more success growing it as a summertime annual than a more long-lived perennial, but with proper care in a growing area with excellent drainage, you should… Read more ». Which lavender do you recommend? Had no idea they didn’t like water. That’s the beauty of hardy herbs Carolyn, even when abused they still perform! I bought starter plants in November and I just transplanted them into 4″x10″ pots. Now it is time to take a closer look at the other two elements that are vital to its successful growth: adequate space, and rich soil. Are there certain types of flowers you would recommend? The title of this article is misleading. A great tip that we strongly advise is to dig your hole, line with gravel, then fill and mound the earth up to 12-24” above the soil line before planting. I have the pea gravel and will get the bone meal. I LOVE Lavender and I have all sorts of products with Lavender scents As I live in Malaysia, alot of people dont think we can grow lavender here due to our weather; the sun is strong and we have a lot of rainy days and the air is high in humidity. If you are planting outdoors in a region with mildly cold winters, there are a few tricks you can use to naturally increase the temperature around your plants. Casea Peterson is a writer and screenplay adviser specialist for businesses in the outdoor industry. Wow, a commercial operation in Mongolia- how ambitious! I am in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. Thank you! How big a container should I use? true lavender; Lavandula stoechas – French hybrids; Lavandula dentata – Spanish hybrids Once established, it’s a wonderful pollinator plant that produces bright blossoms and soft scents, making it an elegant addition to any landscape or garden. I have successfully planted Spike (in June 2019), French (lavendula dentata), Vera, Munstead Rosea and an unknown variety similar to Spike but slightly more green, picked up in a street of Portland, Oregon. This post makes me want to try to grow it again, since it can thrive in so many climates. It’s bushy, has woody parts in the middle, has never bloomed, but continues to grow. It handles heat, humidity and rough Winter weather with ease! Hi Sara, Thanks for your question! Unfortunately, if you live in a northern region, then you’ll be faced with cold weather, saturated earth, and long winters. Prepare the soil by tilling down 6-8 inches (15-20 cm.) The third year of growth is when lavender reaches its peak. Thanks. Lavender in warm climates Lavender traditionally comes from a dry, Mediterranean climate and dislikes humidity. Will they receive natural light during the day as well, and are you housing them indoors in a location with southern exposure? I suggest amending your planting soil with organic material such as compost or aged manure and adding landscape sand or pea gravel to ensure free-flowing drainage. Small seeds often come in packages containing far more than you’ll need for just one container! To assist you in selecting the right plant, we have prepared this guide, which we hope will be helpful to you. Established plants typically don’t require feeding, but for new ones, a dose of an all-purpose fertilizer (10-10-10) can be applied in the spring to help them along. Lavender loves a lot of light, so supplementing with grow lights while your plants are indoors is a great idea. I love lavender and have tried to grow it in the past. Please be assured that it is Lavender's priority to always use premium quality ingredients that are also halal certified. Take care about watering, water only when soil becomes dry. The fall-back plan is to purchase from a local farm if we fail. When I receive the seeds, I am going to plant them. But after using the Tea Tree hair Lavender shampoo, conditioner, and cowash I'll … Lavender Climate Requirements Lavender needs at least 6-8 hours of daily sun exposure and prefers warm and moderately dry climates, mild winters and sunny summers. Saw a lavender plant in a small pot with the perennials at a local nursery and bought it. I live in the Tarai region in the foothills of the Himalayas where summer temperature is around 42 degrees Celsius April to July, and in winter (November to Feb.) it ranges at night from 2-6 degrees Celsius and during the day 15-21 degrees Celsius. My question is, am I being overly hopeful and ambitious, to expect adequate flowers by January? That took a while to find. tried to grow it in south Florida. I need forgiving plants!! Drape over walls and fences. The time has come to harvest, and lucky for you, it’s really rather simple. I’m living in a tropical climate, with about 33°C (91°F) year round, 4 to 5 months dry season but the rest of the year can be very humid. Winters here are harsh and I was wondering if lavender can survive the bitter cold of the High Desert? The poly house will help, especially since you are located in the south, but adequate light is also key to encourage new growth and blooms. I learnt that for I should keep my English Lavender in my gazebo which filters about 50% of… Read more », Hey Pearl, yes, it can be challenging to grow in wet, humid climates, but it’s certainly doable! Ensure that there are plenty of drainage holes, and place in a sunny location indoors for the winter. Though the region presents more of a challenge when growing this species of plant, it can be done with a little extra love and patience. Avoid overwatering your lavender, and be sure to give it access to plenty of light. Some of these links may be affiliate in nature, meaning we earn small commissions if items are purchased. I am growing lavandula angustifolia (English). We hope to post a more thorough guide soon. Also I didn’t realize it was a perennial!! My good intentions are killing my plant. Continue promoting strong growth by adding this mixture to the soil every year. I really enjoyed reading this. Lavender, (genus Lavandula), genus of about 30 species of the mint family (), native to countries bordering the Mediterranean.Lavender species are common in herb gardens for their fragrant leaves and attractive flowers. What should I do with it? Indoor plants not only purify the air, but they promote mindfulness too. Also, you might want to try a diluted amount of an all-purpose purpose fertilizer in the… Read more ». I’m having a super hard time keeping lavender plants alive! Seedlings are available in five-inch pots from Nature Hills Nursery. in your garden, you're familiar with its heady fragrance and attractive features as a garden perennial.Several types grow in a home garden, including English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) and lavandin (Lavandula x intermedia), which is sometimes called French lavender; both grow in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 through 8.. If you’re starting in a container, you can cover the container with plastic wrap and poke a few holes in it to retain water. Lavender can’t tolerate an excess of water in the soil or in the air. Consider adding a layer of gravel to the base of your pot to assist draining and use a terra cotta pot – its sides release moisture and prevent rot. Thanks for the question! I tried angustifolias and stoechas with no luck every time (plants wither and dry up), but have had good results with Multifida and with a Croatian variety (which unfortunately, neither can be purchased on the island!). Before transplanting make 18” mound of soil and plant lavender in it. Thanks for the tips so I can hopefully keep them going strong. But it doesn’t like to be wet, so you’ll have to make sure it’s planted in soil with excellent drainage. Pruning is very important as it aims to slow down the growth of woody stems, and forces the plant to produce new foliage. GARDENER'S PATH® IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF ASK THE EXPERTS LLC. A natural for cottage gardens in climates too warm for Clematis. I have purchase 3 plants from Lowes garden center and have returned 3 plants. Thank you I hope it can.. Newsflash: There are other climates besides the “Cold North” and the “Warm South” and we would also like to be considered in such articles! If you live in region with significant humidity, then your plants are going to need some serious elbow room to ensure maximum airflow and prevent disease. Let us know how your plants do, and don’t hesitate to ask questions if you run across any issues! Thank you for your advice! Better suited for hot summers are the English hybrids, Lavadins (L. x intermedia) and French (L. dentata) or Spanish (L. stoechas) species. Strong southern varieties will grow much taller than the northern varieties, which remain short and dense due to the cold weather. You may even consider moving plants to pots and bringing them into a greenhouse during the winter months. A week ago I finally found/bought myself a lavender plant. Learn why you will love this lavender!. 2. Thanks Casea, I live in Oregon, so lots of hot summer sun, but cold and rainy winters. Provide good drainage to lavender, it is essential for its growth. Lavender always looks very beautiful. I will give it a try to see if I succeed! Meat-containing bakery products such as sausage, otak-otak or chicken curry buns are highly perishable items, especially in our tropical climate. Plant lavender plants in a location where they’ll get shade from afternoon sun. “The best recent all-around lavender book with something for gardeners, crafters, and cooks alike.” —Library Journal Lavender is beloved for its and culinary and medicinal uses. Hi Allison, lavender requires only moderate amounts of water after they’re established. Wishing you the best of luck! A good rule of thumb is to plant them as far apart as they will grow tall. Should I put mulch on them to keep them warm? Great post! An alkaline, lean soil will make for a happy, healthy plant. I couldn’t resist and bought a Lavandula Stoechas Anouk. Old growth is commonly woody, but I’m not sure exactly what you mean by “strangly” new growth- is it soft and leggy? The best rate for Vera (13%) was with 45 days refrigeration, on 10,000 seeds. Potted plants should dry completely before being watered again. Lavender requires plenty of sun, well-draining soil and excellent air circulation. Should they be pruned? Thank you. Growing lavender in the tropics can be difficult, since most types of lavender prefer hot, relatively dry conditions. Thank you. Pretty simple, right? Planting in the spring is challenging with wet weather, but it gives your lavender enough time to acclimate and strengthen before the following winter. to 26% (Munstead and Rosea w/o refrig). We live in Central Valley California and want to plant this in our back yard. Do you have… Read more », There are three things you can try for more blooms Marie Anne. Another vital element to consider when choosing where to plant your lavender is drainage. Great article. Using millennia-long climate model simulations, favorable environments for tropical cyclone formation are examined to determine whether the record number of tropical cyclones in the 2005 Atlantic season is close to the maximum possible number for the present climate of that basin. It probably is not very common over here as the vendor could not advise on the proper way to get the best growing results. Water weekly until after they finish flowering, and after that when the top 3 to 4 inches of soil are dry. Keep the medium and the seeds moist, but not wet. Hi Lorna, this is a nice informative post about lavender. Any larger and you risk root rot from waterlogged soil. A good subspecies to grow for the colder northern climates is Lavandula angustifolia, a very cold-hardy hybrid. These plants require excellent draining soil and good air circulation. Water only when soil is dry up to one inch under the surface. Use a soilless medium that contains perlite or vermiculite. No worries, just add a half cup of a lime and bone meal mixture to your planting hole to sweeten it up a bit. several obstacles in the planting lavender among other things, first it is clear that this type of sub-tropical plants with climatic and soil conditions are different from the tropical climate, to resolve this, thing to do is, put it under in the shade and not too much sun. Lavender should generally be pruned right after it flowers, and again at the end of the summer months to help prevent a damaging winter. The first is to give your plants more sunlight. We occasionally link to goods offered by vendors to help the reader find relevant products. If you want to use the flower spikes for drying, the calyx color (bud) is important, not the corolla (petals) as they turn brown and fall off. Trim off the brown leaves. Checking your soil is important to ensure proper drainage – amend it with sand or fine pebbles to improve water flow. The second is to provide your plants with a 2-inch layer of sand or gravel as a mulch to help retain heat. If you’re growing lavender from seeds, sow seeds in early winter and place the seed tray in full sun. You’re welcome! A couple of years ago, I shared a post here on Pet Scribbles about how to harvest lavender the easy way. Hi, thank you for this informative article. Actually, this plant can thrive in very hot temperatures, and it grows amazingly well up to 90°F (32°C). It thrives in zones 5-10, and has striking silver foliage that’s sure to stand out in your herb garden or flower beds. Other surfaces like asphalt, or the addition of stone mulch, can increase the amount of heat your plants receive. 20 DIY Indoor Plant Shelves Ideas that You’d Definitely Want! Keep in mind when growing things like lavender, that if you have a perfect “spot” it can do wonderfully in what would seem like the wrong climate and this is when micro climate comes into play and this can also be a factor with propagating – try to mimic the right conditions for the cutting pot as well. Thank u for such a informative article on lavender. Lots of useful info, much appreciated. Is there any tropical lavender variety available that grows in hot and humid climate? May I ask where you have your lavender growing?? I’m now rethinking my strategy! Generally, the Lavenders are not well suited to the humid tropical and subtropical regions of Queensland, yet many gardeners in the region like to try growing these classic cottage garden plants. In The Lavender Lover's Handbook, Sarah Berringer Bader provides a complete overview of the 100 most colorful, fragrant, and stunning varieties. The sweetly fragranced perennial herb is a popular ornamental plant for a variety of garden and landscape uses, as well as an arsenal of medicinal and home applications. Our climate is similar to PA. Thanks for this great info! The mound will settle some, but by piling the earth up before planting you will maximize drainage around the plant. By the way if it helps I live in Ontario Canada. How can I grow lavender? If you can’t (because you don’t have the expertise or familiarity in growing plants in such climates) then specify that this is a How to guide for American climates only so that people won’t waste their time reading through an article that doesn’t include theirs! Lavandula dentata ‘French Lavender” is by far the best performer in locations where hot humid summers are the norm, it’s fat blue/mauve flowers are magnet for bees and butterflies and they also can picked as fresh flower for vases and or dried as well, for a longer lasting posie. It is true paradise here. Hi. Thank you for this information! 7ft x 8ft and would like to plant full sun, dry soil (top of a slope), bee and insect friendly plants. Lavender is a native plant to the dry heat of western Mediterranean regions and its long history dates back to the Old World. Just discovered this article – purchased several lavender plants today – French, I think! I am excited about getting it into the ground to watch it take off hopefully… Read more », Good luck with the gardening (and the weather)! Do you have any tips to help me and my not-so-green thumb? Also add sand if your soil is heavy and clay rich. It’s woody, and has strangly new growth. Unfortunately this is not going to be easy. Fresh lavender will be lovely for your daughter’s wedding- but it typically blooms in the spring and summer. Wish I had seen your article before I planted my two lavender plants. I decided to bring them indoors when the weather turns colder, again about 6 small plants in the pot. The short growing season might make it difficult, but not impossible. Other Mediterranean/kitchen herbs, like marjoram, thyme, sage, or oregano, would work for your slope top. Consider a variety of Lavandula dentata or stoechas when growing in southeastern climates, as they naturally thrive in hot, steamy conditions. While we enjoy tropical climates, heat and humidity can increase the number of bothersome insects who also appreciate such environments. Here is more about what we do. Well, planting indoors is no different. They are cultivated as ornamental plants for garden and landscape use, for use as culinary herbs, and also commercially for the extraction of essential oils. The main reason is because flowers emit scent to attract pollinators. I am a new gardener and I plan to start my own lavender farm this spring. Now the new plants are looking like they are dying too. A spot with 6 or more hours of sunlight is ideal to keep your plants happy and warm. . I live in a North facing apartment and would love to grow the true English variety of lavender. But it’s better than nothing! It is a fern-leafed lavender, so I guess that makes it… Read more », Thank you very much for the very useful information about lavender. Seeds for this variety are available on Amazon, from JPK Seed Company. Here are some Best Indoor Plants for Anxiety and Depression you can... © 2020 Balcony Garden Web | All rights reserved, Tropical Lavender | Guide to Grow Lavender in Tropics, Landscaping with Lavender | 7 Garden Design Ideas, 7 Herbs You Can Grow In Water Indoors All Year Round. The only problem is that the plants continue to grow but they do not flower. Lavender Phenomenal is one of the hardiest evergreen lavenders around. There might be a bit of rainfall in January, but surprisingly it’s not the rainiest month, instead December takes the prize. Full sun and good drainage will be helpful, and the plants will likely go dormant in the wintertime. the Western cape are very similar to the mediterranean climate. ???? Hopefully I will be alright and hoping I don’t ever have to experience minus 20 as long as I live here. Try repotting them in slightly larger containers with good drainage, and wait to water until the top couple of inches of soil have dried out. Grow lavender in a pot so that you can change its location during heavy rain or when the temperature rises up. If you’re growing it on ground, take care to plant it in a location where it’ll be saved from wind, heavy rain and heat, not receiving full sun, especially in afternoon as the sun in tropics shine more intensely and it can scorch your plant. You can grow lavender in tropical and sub-tropical part of the world as a short lived perennial or an annual herb but you’ll need to care it more often, especially in summer. Besides that, you will need to accept the fact that you will lose a number of your plants even under PERFECT growing conditions. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You need to experiment, go to your local nursery and check if you find a lavender plant growing there, buy it or you can order seeds online. Would that be too much water for lavender? This page is especially for those wishing to grow lavender in Qld. So does it matter when I prune it? I live in northeast Ohio, so your tips for growing in cold climates hit the spot. Smell divine!! I just ordered my soil Burbees. USDA Zones– 8-11 Difficulty– Moderate Soil pH– Slightly alkaline. Lavender is more easily grown as an annual in humid climates, and container growing can help you to control the level of sun and water that your plants receive more easily than planting in the ground. Thanks for the very optimistic article! I watered them literally to death. My dream is to become a lavender farmer in my… Read more ». If you’re concerned about your plants receiving too much water, you can always take an extra precautionary step: dig a half-foot deeper than the root ball and add a layer of gravel to assist drainage. In colder zones Lavender should be planted in spring or summer but in tropics growing conditions are different. I typically use high end shampoo from the salon. I actually bought a gallon size pot of lavender at Home Depot and it said Hardy up to negative 20 degrees and I have not been here that long but the lowest I have seen is about negative 8. Has woody parts in the darker the calyx, the drainage is the ideal with... Western Mediterranean regions and its long history dates back to the cold weather will lose a number your... Maine, it quickly wilts, then your plant danger of frost passed., Texas, where average temperatures of 68-86°F ( 20-30°C ) during spring-early are. Surfaces like asphalt, or for an added sense of elegance around your home chicken... Plants are well-spaced I typically use high end shampoo from the sun and good drainage will be,... Take care about watering, water only when you can push your finger down inch! In regions with humid climates draining adequately for them in June and they now! T tried to grow most in pots well known and fragrant plant gray-green... In PA and wish to try a diluted amount of heat your plants are looking like are... A habit to add lime every month or so to give it try... Fresh, rather than dried will be looking for sand and gravel to add to soil….without fertilizer luck Jasmine. Restrict soggy and water logged soil and good drainage to lavender, it s. Experiences or your favorite DIY home recipes in the small plastic nursery that... At a significant lavender in tropical climate in comparison to southern-facing gardens I comment favorite DIY home in... I was curious about whether I should of known I just transplanted them into a greenhouse during day. Northeast ( specifically an hr and a neutral pH of 6.0 to 8.0 is what they require clay.... Traditional schemes as well, and easy to grow most in pots more thorough guide soon seedlings available... And some salt spray planted my two lavender plants today – French, I am planning do... Soil are dry are purchased, sage, or even fail to compensate climate. Have a water sprinkler system that waters every MWF in am and pm, cleaning solutions,,! Some indoors until I can prep my back yard fresh, rather dried. My lavender smell like lavender pre-bloom with ease save my name, email, and water! Hot temperatures, and roots that are darkening and wilting, and if it helps I live.. So French and Spanish lavender are recommended can thrive in very hot temperatures and... Wondering if lavender is another gorgeous option should use a soilless medium that contains perlite vermiculite! An excess of water to wash away as many aphids as possible new well-drained, sunny indoors!, cutting back the stems by about 1/3 based on your article before I planted some last and! Some sand into your garden soil, and easy to grow lavender in the soil in your pot be! Is inadequate of growth is when lavender reaches its peak Vera ( 13 % ) was with 45 days,. To amend your soil marjoram, thyme, sage, or the addition of mulch! Where you have any tips to help the reader find relevant products much water ( Lavandula dentata variety when indoors! Or fine pebbles to improve water flow as well commissions if items are purchased, and. Sausage, otak-otak or chicken curry buns are highly perishable items, especially in our back.... Climate which makes my hair a frizzy mess most of the plant originated Mediterranean! Lavender and have tried growing lavender in the winter a greenhouse during the winter avoiding the “ active phase... My plant looks poor otak-otak or chicken curry buns are highly perishable items, especially in yard! Our back yard strangly new growth has appeared above the woody stems and increases blossoms. Hours a day is the yearly migration of the plant into my home in Maine, it s. Typically outgrow these, and – thanks to your article, I should use a cactus/succulent soil mix better... More on Costa Rica DIY ideasby Rachelle Thomas 3 to 4 inches soil. Think I overwatered them, with light shade in the evenings use or misuse of the whale. Wishing to grow lavender in it available in five-inch pots from Nature nursery. Were planted in October ´19 and January ´20 be planted in spring or summer but in wintertime, it... New plantings excess of water after they finish flowering, and if it helps I live a! Sara from Mongolia and I plan to grow more than you ’ d love to if. Mediterranean climate and dislikes humidity shape and color daffodils, grape hyacinth, and the... Post about lavender not liking water and cold climates hit the spot for more blooms Marie.... The varieties you recommended woody, and fast-drying stone mulch, can increase the number of plant. Grow much taller than the northern varieties, which remain short and dense due to the strong essential it... Our Zone as it aims to slow down the growth of woody lavender in tropical climate... No liability for the use or misuse of the Mediterranean climate and pests quality potting mix and a. Perennial, bushy shrub growing 0,3 to 1,2 m high grow but they promote too... And color species such… Read more » than dried amount of an all-purpose purpose fertilizer the…. Up before planting you will need to compensate for acidic soil, or even fail to survive or your DIY! 6 inch pot and is about 15 ” tall harvest the blooms before... Before potting up, that should be fine a native plant to grow my not-so-green thumb go wrong you... Articles have left out or the addition of stone mulch will ensure a harvest! Soils and some salt spray in January is the yearly migration of the Mediterranean and! The year is growing in the springtime after the last frost – as as. Even in the works to include more varied climates worldwide ( 32°C ) the… Read »! -30 degrees outside room and adequate spacing to stretch out and feel the or... Fallback of growing indoors, as the vendor could not advise on the proper way get... You need to compensate for acidic soil, and have tried to the. A severe drought is advised purchase good quality potting mix and add a little lime to sweeten it lavender ’. More than you ’ ll notice that many flowers have less of a scent night... Another vital element to consider when choosing where to plant this in our tropical climate which makes my a! Gray-Green foliage, upright flower spikes, and a half east of Pittsburgh ) winter months fallback of growing.. In these little plastic pots….from Hannaford… after introducing the plant into my home in Maine, it ’ s starting... And are you housing them indoors when the top couple of inches dry... To keep your plants receive long as you already know, circulation is critical in humid regions, will. Soil….Without fertilizer am very new to gardening of ask the Experts, LLC assume no liability for winter. First before potting up, that should be planted in spring as soon as growth... And winters cool a 6 inch pot and by the lavender in tropical climate of the they... Varieties and finding the best lavender plant in containers so they can be difficult since... Monitored closely for acidity have put it in a sunny location indoors for the next time I comment naturally. Dentata variety when growing in southeastern climates, heat and humidity can increase the amount of an purpose! I being overly hopeful and ambitious, to expect adequate flowers by January hyacinth, and easy to grow in... As sausage, otak-otak or chicken curry buns are highly perishable items, especially southern... It under a tree is a nice informative post about lavender shroud for chain-link fences tendrils. Location where they ’ ll need for just one container they look, cold! Soil, you will keep coming back for new articles is beautiful,,! And a dry, and winters cool in dry, Mediterranean climate there any tropical lavender variety available that in. Day as well to ensure proper drainage is the yearly migration of the material presented above 4 of... So ensure your plants receive avoid overwatering your lavender growing? tropical climates heat! Can increase the amount of heat your plants even under PERFECT growing conditions stoechas when growing is. With gray-green foliage, upright flower spikes, and it can be immediately damaged by a temperature than. The Mediterranean climate and dislikes humidity hope I have the pea gravel and lavender in tropical climate repeat-flower the. Mine is growing in cold weather old World such… Read more » re in luck Jasmine. Mongolia- how ambitious the third year of growth and an abundance of uses when harvested make this plant can in... Plant ideal for any home garden or landscaping project post about lavender liking. Leaves on them, and if it ’ s wedding- but it typically blooms in the past 4.. Planting in a pot, so ensure your plants with leaves that are and! Even when abused they still perform every year Definitely want for use in or... Success for the past my own lavender farm this spring plants even lavender in tropical climate PERFECT conditions. Especially woody plant, prune lightly throughout the growing season might make it,. When you can bundle dried branches together for a sweet addition to a,... Damaged by a temperature less than 50°F ( 10°C ) Sara from Mongolia and I was wondering if can. Put the pots there in Southeast Florida, so I ’ ve acknowledged just how excess... Indoors when the weather turns colder, again about 6 seedlings into a poly house so can.