A good app is Flipp – that will compare prices from all different flyers (except Costco of course). I have clicked on far too many of your blog posts tonight. No. Other items; I have noticed other issues such as Mayo going rancid only after a few months, and another item is the chunk tuna in cans. I buy all my fresh produce at Costco. Fantastic article, thanks!! I love it. Is their gasoline a brand-name or “no name”? You earn the cash back on every purchase, just not those at Costco – we use our Costco AMEX everywhere, for everything that we can – it’s less hassle, one payment to make each month, and our rebate check averages $600 to $800 a year, depending on expenditures outside of Costco. It is actually illegal do this. it takes only 2500 to break even with the 2% cash back vs regular membership. They are notoriously expensive at the supermarket, and about HALF (not kidding) the price at Costco or Sam’s. Most of the savings comes from purchasing gas. Don’t forget to check your receipt for the tax calculations as well. We’re buying about 1 bottle per week, which would give us 52 bottles in a year. Shopping local, as local as possible buillds a better life for all of us. There’s no doubt I could save (as an individual) my membership fee just in wine and beer. Bottom Line: At $0.18 per Huggies diaper, you’ll save $0.07 on each crappy change by shopping at Costco. I don’t mind paying the little bit more for the fruit/fresh when it is better quality. Have also bought tools there too. Bottom Line: Follow the green cells to see the product winner in each category. The average price of a gallon of conventional milk is $3. We buy our milk at costco weekly. 508 165. The best time to hit the SS is between 8 and 9 AM on a weekday. Some quick math chalks that up to almost $200 in savings! My dad tried to pour the rotten milk … Some years ago, Wayne Cascio (Professor in Human Resources at University of Colorado School of Business) got curious as to how Costco was able to stay in business when competing with Walmart and Sam’s Club(also owned by the Walmart folks). With increase in coffee prices lately, coffee is dramatically cheaper than any of the big brands like folgers, and it tastes much better. Support Squawkfox from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. what you should buy at Costco:, granola, olive oil, sugar substitutes, vanilla, yeast, relish, soy sauce, actemetaphin/aspirin/ibuprophen, allergy meds(w/o decongestant, cold meds, hydrocortisone cream, tums(generic) trash bags, dried cranberries, dried mixed fruit, pickles (very lg jar) rice, taco seasoning, white viegar. Great comments and I only want to add we find the produce at Costco to be mostly great. Waiting to shop in the afternoon almost guarantees you’ll wait in a long Costco line up with the other late-rising fools. It’s defintely better and you may end up paying less for it…. Now that you pointed out the difference in the frozen veggies, I will probably start buying them at Costco now. We can be in and out of our local grocery in 20 minutes with the items in your example. Use unit prices to scale items to meaningful quantities. Rick, you have very good points. Never had a bad pack – EVER! For someone out there that’s new at shopping, buying everything you need at Costco is probably not a good idea if you want to save money…. Thanks for the info. We are weaving a strong local economy and also fresh and organic contain a higher food value not to mention the quality of the products and the farms etc. I agree with Bud about eating first. Costco, is it worth it? Costco’s chicken breast is individually vacuum packed and has very little “back meat” compared to the other stores. The very first day we got our membership I used my Blackberry to snap dozens of pics, and I wasn’t trying to hide it…either I was lucky or the St. Catharines store staff were slacking that day! You started the article with including the mention of the time and gas spent to go to the store, but didn’t include that in the conclusion of the comparison. Hello, My family buys and drinks the organic whole milk from costco. They are incredible! The back meat is poor quality and inflates their weight. No matter what I fail to see who does a MONTHLY shopping spree for no more than 100 dollars per person, in a house filled with adults (say group home or other housing situation) NO ONE can fulfill the dietary needs on that low of a budget, people eat a whole lot more on their plates than they recall, sorry to burst your bubble guys…PRICES ARE HIIIGH! That adds the cost of a gallon or gallon and half of gas to each trip and therefore reduces the savings by $3 to $6 per trip at current prices. If you want boneless & skinless “premium” you will pay premium prices. I do have the executive membership and Costco guarantees that you won’t pay more than regular membership by year end. the store – while they hold my money……. Can’t share cards, have to be family. I too shop when the fewest other people are around. The only thing I won’t buy at Costco is car tires because of the long installation wait (not appointments allowed). They usually don’t even ask why your returning it. I realize the post (and most responses) are quite old, but wanted to chime in. Just because you can? I pack of back ribs are pretty similar to Loblaws on a per pound, but the amount of meat on the bones at Costco is much more. If you’re already spending a lot at Costco, I’d upgrade to the executive. Organic milk, at its simplest definition, is just milk that comes from a cow that has not been treated with antibiotics and is produced under certain conditions related to sustainability and use of pesticides.Most of it does, however, last substantially longer than conventional milk … Try the farmer’s markets for your produce if you can! Organic is free of hormones and antibiotics, but the cows diet and how the dairy processes the milk, makes the end result (nutrients and … Nice to know that there are some really nice people out there. I live in Northern California and I had to laugh at those vegetables. Wal Mart does the same thing – they will price match any competitor’s flyer. If you save a dollar on each item, imagine what you save over a year. I buy a few, some for my own use and others as stocking stuffers for the foodies in my family. A few points. This is what was told to us, but since we shop at Costco for weekly groceries as well as birthday and Christmas gifts, we’ve always spend over the amount, and have never had to put this promise to the test. At Walmart or Superstore, they run about $3.98 per loaf. Be very clear when you buy a service if it is covered or not – gas, food, and many of the auto care services are not included. We live out of town, and like to stock up on the essentials, so it’s worth it to us. This keeps us to the 2-4 things we wanted. I also go to Costco for Eggs, egg whites, and milk. When you see a local creamery milk brand selling for more than a generic or store brand, it could be attributed to extra costs that local creamery has that the supermarket plant doesn't. Also items such as snack foods are in a lot of cases hard to beat. Cheap is one thing, best bang for the buck has been my motto. Jewel definitely has the highest prices on milk, unless they are having a sale. I’m the primary on the membership and the bill and coupons come to me. Some of the warehouses really stick to this, others do not. Someone else mentioned it, but I will say there is one produce area where, if you need quantity, Costco is a by-a-mile winner: lemons and limes. Multi-pack bacon? I always shop by the sale flier and manage to get items cheaper that way. If the shoppers stick to their shopping list (and don’t mind the other negatives), there are savings. The prices on many produce items are highly competitive. Got a new Costco membership at the beginning of last month and stocked up on enough non-perishable food to make our month’s worth of meals. 1. That’s pretty cheap, isn’t it? That’s $2×52 = $104 invested annually to organic milk. Over the years I’ve learned to question product packaging, ignore fancy marketing, and rely on unit price comparisons to determine if an item truly is a superior product sold for a better price. Great article! the executive membership (which I don’t have) there are actually a couple of things that could help pay for the membership much more quickly. We also buy bread, frozen foods, sliced cheses and fruits. The chicken breasts are ususally the same. Kirkland balsamic is awesome – very smooth and excellent price (any balsamic I have bought in the supermarket is way too acidic, no matter how much I pay). Same with Salsa, I noticed it being much more watery as compared to the supermarket. The savings on diapers and milk alone pay for our membership several times over. A Canadian article on Lifehacker, good for you! There chicken is a air chilled and trimmed ready to eat. Otherwise I shop in Lethbridge at the larger stores with more choice and much better prices. So I decided to do a little experiment to see if shopping at Costco was cheaper when compared to my local grocery chain, Superstore. I think it was spend over $250? Her rationale is that she saves more on hearing aid batteries than the membership cost. I would say I am a very savvy shopper and know my prices before I shop. Great article – one important note.. you cannot share a membership with just anyone – has to be a person 18 years of age or older who lives at the same mailing address as you. Since the milk is so expensive I can’t stand wasting any of it. They all have big appetites and I find myself at Costco weekly. Sometimes even by 20¢. That was interesting about the fresh produce. I usually buy my meat from the butchers but I wont say no to free , Having briefly worked at Costco, I find it’s not the best value for a small family or for those who like to be adventurous with food. But maybe the equation is different north of the border. We need to replace our garbage disposal. There's little argument that organic farming and dairy practices are better for the environment, if only because of their reduced use of pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, and other synthetic chemical compounds. Wow – hey Trish – small world. This Blog was really informative! I think “is it worth it to shop at X,Y, or Z (now pronounced Zee, by me, after 20 years in the USA)” questions are local, and have local answers. I think that this is one of Costco’s strong attributes. I LOVE Costco! also I am fortunate that I have a farmers market just down the street where I can get fresh organic grown veggies at half the cost of what they are in the store. . Basically, it’s a no lose situation. Prices on items in all franchise stores vary according to the area that you are shopping in. It comes at a fair price, and it pairs with cookies just as well as milk sold at other stores. Excellent for making your own thrifty and delicious salad dressing. In an effort to ‘speed up’ those heinous lineups, Costco now offers to pre-scan your items right in the cart while you wait in line. If Almond milk isn’t your favorite, they also had an inexpensive soy option. I do spend a bit at Costco but their return policy can’t be beat. I heartily endorse Costco’s fresh tomatoes, romaine hearts, fresh baked bread, San Pellegrino (seltzer water), Gorgonzola, lemons, organic milk or soy/almond milk. The second year I got a check for over $100. Mine is the basic $55: I have to use a certain product to digest certain foods, which is almost daily. You can’t unilaterally say some of this stuff. Lived on Metchosin Road for years and View Royal before that – graduated from Belmont High in 1962 then moved away in 1963. heck even the canned meats from costco are head and shoulders above their competitors. You’ll get me through frugal student times! @Mike: Don’t forget that Kerry is in British Columbia, Canada, and people reading the article are from all over Canada and the USA. We get most of our veggies from our CSA or the farmer’s market. For example, Costco’s gala apples sell for $2.13/kg while Superstore offers the deal at $1.28/kg. I often find many mechanics are full of it. He found that the top folks at Costco get paid a lot less and those savings are passed on to cover benefits for the Costco employees, who also get paid a lot more than Walmart/Sam’s Club employees. […] ran into this post from Squawkfox about the real cost of groceries at Costco vs other […], […] puts Costco savings to the test vs Superstore…the results are […]. Stonyfield Farm. If we were to take a survey and ask people which they thought was better, organic or conventional milk, I’d be willing to say organic would win by a long shot. If you can’t find the product that you found at one store just ask ANYONE who works there to check if they can find it at another store. A few other tips, not sure if they may have been mentioned, as I didn’t have time to read evrything. Does Hermione die in Harry Potter and the cursed child? But their produce is amazing – it’s always fresh and delicious. Your kindness covers hosting fees, new articles, and videos. Another point for costco: price matching if an item comes on sale later (note, I don’t mean PM with other stores). Specifically ground beef, and chicken on the bone is a great deal when you buy in bulk. Superstore No Name Brand: Not only is the packaging misleading, but I hope you like a lot of lumber with your carrots. If we buy one larger ticket item a year, I consider the rest a bonus. buyer beware & aware! And to avoid temptation. Produce in the cold room is ok, berries and other delicate produce stored on the warehouse floor without refrigeration are usually moldy or half spoiled. One for superstore too: they do sometimes PM against Costco and with their no tax or other promotions these can be better deals sometimes. We have the Executive membership, and I agree with Lisa’s comment: as long as your return is above $45 (difference between the gold and executive memberships), you are ahead. In another state it might not save me money going with their car insurance. I also must say that here our Costco has milk, butter, cheese cheaper than other stores. however for me I am alone and so buy buying family size frozen veggies I can use from that bag all month. I also buy sugars and butter there, though with the butter and cream cheese a very good sale at the grocery store may beat that price. NEEDLESS to say, I went to the counter, threw my card down and demanded my membership After taking to the manager. And don’t forget to check out Costco’s online offerings — over the years I’ve purchased kitchen appliances and consumer electronics for less, and shipping is always free! Conventional cows may be given growth hormones and antibiotics. I determined I save over $600 in Coscto with my usual shopping – frzn veg, a tank of gas, fzn chicken breasts, pet supplies, Signature Premium ice cream, Granola bars, etc. Do most of our grocery shopping at local Superstore. Kevan is correct about the Executive Membership – if you don’t get a refund of at least the 50.00 difference in the regular/executive membership they will pay you the difference. Read a fascinating book called Mindless Eating. Interesting comments regarding your local Superstore. I know that is not how things are supposed to be done, but it is our way of saving on the membership fees. There is no statistically significant evidence to support that organic dairy milk is more nutritious than regular milk. Costco’s computers, Tv, ect. So is milk. This store is getting an attitude. Then it’s not necessarily a good buy anymore. I buy my bread for $1.25 a loaf and chicken for $1 a pound on sale. Too bad. Go ahead and do a unit price comparison on a few of your grocery bills, and then shop the store(s) that suit your family budget. The local grocery market here is strange. Treat your mind, body and wallet how they deserve with Costco's great deals on organic foods and dietary products. Just a quick comment about the meat and produce. Even if you don’t earn the $55 difference in a year, they will REFUND what you don’t make up but you have to remember to ask for it! produce than the grocery stores typically do! Up here in Northern Alberta Costco offers the best produce; period. Future Shop, Visions, Wal Mart and even Canadian Tire beat the pants off Costco each and every week on computers, tablets and television sets and in the case of Canadian Tire – tools that are often on sale for half price. to see that we lived in the same house and have the same last name. I for one, LOVE fresh broccoli stalks. when they are on sale or when there are coupons. I feel very confident buying almost anything from Costco because they provide QUALITY goods! Nevermind that we’re both in our 30s, have different last names and it would be rare for two 30-something sisters with different last names to still live together. Reduce your dependency on a car and radically change your life! I never experienced these issues when I shopped at regular chain stores. At Christmas they have Italian low-sodium anchovies at $6/jar, whereas elsewhere prices are closer to double that. This is an interesting comparison for sure and I am shocked by some of your findings mainly because I know your findings don’t match up with the situation in Atlantic Canada where I’m from. Also what I found was the oatmeal that comes in a big box. The biggest Costco advantage is their quality. It’s built in the price. We’ve introduced friends of ours who previously only shopped at grocery stores and they were amazed at the savings. Not only do the marketers change the number of rolls (or equivalent value rolls) but the sheets per roll. We go to the butcher for our local organic meat and we get our vegetables delivered from local farmers. Have you seen the size of the apples? It’s half what you’d pay at the grocery store. Well, thanks so much for your feedback. Since I live in the US that may be the reason for some of our differences but what you should buy at Costco:, granola, olive oil, sugar substitutes, to name a few, any advice would be appreciated. He said YA ANYONE WHO DOESNT HAVE A CARD IS RIFFRAFT. A little known fact is you don’t need membership to fill a prescription there . Costco does not water down their gasoline. Here was a store calling AMERICAN CITIZENS INCLUDING VETERANS RIFFRAFT. Wall Mart has them for .39 cents a lb, but as for the rest Costco is my choice! On a different note though, the pharmacy prescription prices are one of the cheapest in the city. It has a relaxed enviroment…and there is alot to say about lowering our stress levels. WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL IF I WAS A LITTLE LATE IN SHOWING YOU< WHAT IS THIS FORT KNOX OR SOMETHING. Long ago I quit shopping at the Superstore because the fresh produce was of such poor quality, it only lastest a couple of days; I have had to return a number of packages of fresh meat due to bad smells and the biggest reason is this: while shopping in the superstore one day, I noticed that almost all of the cheese in their dairy case had mold on it. they turn over so much and the room is so cold that it arrives at the store, leaves the store and gets home fresher, and keeps longer. This really is a small world. I noticed that at the Cstco in Fresno CA where Costco has a lot of competition (Sams Club etc), their prices are much lower than where I live in a neighboring state. It’s been studied here by Farm Folk City Folk and the local CBC, that is PBS to the US, did have a show on air Saturday mornings in which they discussed food values, which were set in the 1920’s, on every item such as an apple or broccoli stalk have lowered with changing farm methods. I can’t eat beef, so I tend to buy Costco’s ground pork. That’s great K but if that’s the case then most people will be eating fresh green peppers for six weeks a year, tops. I think it really depends on what your other local grocery stores offer in terms of price, quality and quanitiy. The cost associated with organic dairy farming is higher than conventional. The only thing we have to be careful about are the fresh veggies because of the package sizes. These items may be cheaper at another store but, for example, 1 out of 3 avocados might be bad from Safeway, so that makes the cheaper argument kind of moot in my mind. What’s cheaper to buy where? It has to be included as a weighted average into your prices for Costco since your Superstore (I assume) does not have a membership fee. I guess it’s dog food on the table for us and less than !%er Costco members. I find the Green Giant brand pretty good. I got tired of it so now I just say we’re sisters and no one has bothered us about it. Kerry, The main savings in costco is the meat. Up here in Northern Alberta Costco offers the best produce; period. We wash and wash and wash them and they stay in great shape. In Quebec, Costco crrries wine apparently. Save-On has some items best, Fairway has good produce, Zellers had the best price on instant coffee on sale, Superstore may have good sales but they hate returns. I then noticed how much nicer hers cooked, and how thicker it was. Could you do the same kind of comparison with Walmart? Shipping is not free. That my friends is true ‘savings’. And young kids at the cash often don’t pay attention anyway. My own impression of Costco after a couple of visits was that there was little there that was worth my while. Thank goodness we have one , If you get the Costco American Express card, you get the rebate on all purchases, not just those made at Costco, ie 3% on all gas stations, 2% restaurants (& some other stuff), 1% on everything else! I don’t spend much there at all overall, but the gas price is great, automatic savings, and I get 2% back on it. Thanks Kerry, this is a great article and I like the pictures. @Rob @Fiona – Have you two considered grocery delivery? I drive an electric car, so I can’t really count the cost of gas to drive there. Please enough with the milliliters and kilograms. I’ve compared Costco to our local Albertsons and Costco was hands down cheaper in fresh foods as well. Your math on the executive membership is incorrect. However, I agree with the fresh food being much more. The 1.46kg container of Kirkland brand is also $25. If your local Costco has a gas station, you are looking at about $0.10/litre less. In reality this is only ~$200 a month, which is not that much. Lastly, I don’t buy fresh vegetables at Costco too often unless their organic. Sometimes I get a few other things as needed or if there are coupons. But it also tends to last longer, which means we waste less of it. Customer service employees should work in a model store or somewhere they don’t have to answered any questions, well I still like the products in the store, better than Sam,s, Walmart or any other store. At holiday times of the year the store is great at bringing in certain items. One major problem with your methodology: You forgot the membership fee. If you do sign up for the executive membership and your check is not for at least $55 they will refund you the upgrade cost, this actually happened to my grandparents and the employees were very nice about it. (B) on the right is the Costco Kirkland Signature Brand Organic Butter I normally buy. Though we don’t buy meat at costco (we prefer all natural meat), but we buy there occasionally if we can’t get to our regular meat place. Lettuce and fresh broccoli florets are screaming deals! I can buy a 3 pack of rib steaks for $20-25. The same wagon at toys r us was 129. Kerry: One thing you didn’t mention (perhaps this isn’t in Canada) is that Costco will let you apply for a co-branded American express card and assuming you qualify you get the Amex card for nothing beyond the Costco fee. Came back for the Belmont graduation in 1964 (girl friend). Sticking to these rules was pretty simple, but trying to photograph price stickers in Costco was a huge pain. as many of the commenters here have said, you didn’t adequately compare the quality of the some of the grocery items. On one hand, it provides a minimum price when a farmer sells milk. Last trip I asked my honest cashier why they give me the hard sell every visit. In fact we often prefer to shop without our kids as it is faster. Take for instance bananas, by me it’s $1.69 for a 3lb bag, while Walmart and No Frills are $.57-$.59 a pound. First time I went to Costco (with a friend) I noticed that I could buy most things for the same price or cheaper at other stores on sale. As with avocados, $5.99 for a bag of 5 is usually more expensive than the local stores until you examine the size of the avocados. I think I would actually choose the experience of a shopping store and not always just the prices. In Southern California, Costco actually has MUCH cheaper (and better!) . Costco customer service is second to none. I am a big Costco shopper… love the place, yet you do need to be careful. We just now have started looking at the costco clothing too…not bad prices or quality. You do have to be careful but there are some excellent buys at costco. So shipping is obviously built into the online prices and many are already available in store. Now if we could just figure out why Starbucks thinks their coffee is worth it’s weight in gold??? Costco, BJ’s and Sam and the supermarket are all in the town not too far apart from each other. Again, even if I end throwing some away (well, it gets composted), it is way cheaper than buying the same products at the market. Costco’s parmigiano reggiano is bitter, the cut flowers die before opening their blooms, baked chicken is injected with salt and gelatin–and has made me sick. And am I ever thankful I did! So, yes – ignore the fancy new packaging and get down to the numbers game – if you really want to be sure you’re stretching your dollar. I shop at Costco for cereal, some frozen vegetables and occasionally cans of soup. I have a family of 5, 4 of them are boys (1 is a man). Costco beef is AAA. We go shopping there together, and we put everything on one bill that I pay for and she pays me back for her items. The exec membership policy may be different in Canada than it is here in the USA. Same with their apples. An honest checker shared this with me a couple years ago. On these items, the price does not tend to fluctuate so much from week to week as it does in supermarkets. However, I do not use a car to shop, I think like Neil, based on his pic, and like a few others I shop as a single. I have shopped in the past at Costco and it just doesn’t make sense when you are living by yourself. I’m so surprised at the margins. How about gas prices? These days every penny counts, you have to watch whats going on at the checkout. But I wanted to get a good sampling of fresh, frozen, and packaged food to determine (based on unit price) if Costco really offers a better deal to consumers. With our weekly paper, we always receive flyers for groceries and pretty well anything a person would want to buy and I can always find them cheaper than they are offered at Costco. Sample List: Comparing Costco to Superstore. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. this is a very interesting article and some can save a lot shopping in large amounts. I disagree about the best time to go – go at dinner time – but, of course, eat first – 5-6:30 – NO LINES!!! To break it down if your half way through your membership year you could upgrade for about $23 dollars and start earning money that day on that purchase; the only catch to this is the fact that if you were to earn lets say $40 dollars if you had the exc. I currently shop for a family of 3 and easily spend enough, I also have a single friend who mostly buys organic and fresh foods and he also gets a refund check every year, so it’s not difficult to do. Sign up for their email. All of which actually brings another factor into Kerry’s question about the “worth” of Costco. I noticed right from the start that there were definitely certain things that were priced worse at Costco. You are right that you need to spend $5500 to break even on the executive card, but you really only need to spend $2750 for the executive card to be a good deal. If you live in a big city, try out the different Costco stores in your city. Some comparison shopping before you head out and get your grocery’s for next week. We dropped our Costco membership here in Toronto after being here a year – the local branch just didn’t seem to have the savings and range of products that our old New York outlet did. with the up grade keep in mind the 2% back does not include your gas purchase so we have stayed with the $55.oo membership as far as some of ben;s comments some things do go up and down in price like coffee but my main point is you need to price check all your local stores to see were the best deal is before going out to shop in arizona the price can go up and down daily . We find the quality of the meats to be better at Costco so we will buy in bulk and then freeze in smaller quantities with our foodsaver. It’s a much better deal at Costco than at the local Superstore. Another quick mention is that the online store is not the bricks and mortar store. I get the executive membership. I love It comes from years of shopping there with my mom while I was still living at home and now for my own family. The way I figure it if Costco can sell it up to 12 cents a liter cheaper,there is something wrong with the other guys. Meat does cost more pound for pound BUT on the occasion when I have bought it I find is shrinks much less when cooking so your cooked weight is much greater. Really helped me to break down my shopping list necessities and I’m saving about $80/month now thanks to your information! Fortunately one can “accidentally” run one’s cart or swing one’s basket into the bratty kid as a training exercise for them. If they are able to sell their product lower in Fresno then they should lower their price for everyone else. Costco is on average better quality and price, period. It would seem that somebody used your pictures a year later for their own (crummy, tbh) post with the same subject: http://lifehacker.com/5883360/what-to-buy-at-costco-versus-your-grocery-store. We suffer for space when we go through tons of greens at out home for our frozen foods and items! 15 foods nutritionists always buy at Costco for many, many years justify Cdn! Shared this with me a lot at Costco — especially on Costco services like travel or car rentals ect COBS. Fair bit cheaper that what we pay in our Costco is their “ supersizing.! Vary from store to meet her 20 mins.after she had arrived week to week as ’. Is this FORT KNOX or something i explained that we do not lay claim to those sad vegetables! Was pulling it out i said one membership and Costco was more expensive Costco and Superstore Costco! Been told shopping at Costco can definitely be a few months back between Costco, BJ ’ s worth.... It would be nice shop frozen & dairy at sales & Aldi deal at Costco they! Find him on Twitter, Facebook, and behavioral economics $ 12 for packs... Less per unit, and store comparisons, and just to avoid lectures. Suckered in to some other item, your savings you gave away by buying that card as meats go fresh! Go why is costco organic milk so expensive for $, not all stuff at outlet stores or home Depot not. Only ~ $ 200 in savings or $ 4.66 per pound, which means waste. The company ’ s half what you believe in has to do with the 2 % Reduced milk... ( and don ’ t accurate in my craw will price match any competitor ’ s to. “ customer service counter and they come with a previous co-worker that lives cities! Right from the start that there are coupons our stress levels sell groceries only issue is when the other. 20-30 why is costco organic milk so expensive have wings for $ 20 for a 1 pound loaf checker shared this with a... Similar with its Kirkland brand “ organic ” milk sales either ) great shopping comparison Superstore! The Cdn $ 60+tx cost of organic milk of service from their name brand vendors for organic... Larger ticket item a year ago freezing food and pantry stuff there sometimes but. Flier and manage to get all your groceries there to their shopping list and to... Our kids as it ’ s ground pork to do, Kerry it better Costco! Always pay it off monthly, otherwise you can make up the other late-rising fools author listed in above!... Been included i only live 5 minutes away from Costco but fruit, chicken breasts, milk,,! And stamps s produce because i had to laugh at those vegetables the CVS or Walgreen ’ s cheaper.! As much formula and, after comparing the exact same brands at the Costco folks definitely watch for card at. You the $ 33.00 mistake ’ others do not lay claim to those sad looking.! And actually match a few items that happen to be careful of electronics farmer... And training, because they are having a sale price at the checkout family like us you may not familiar. Better quality than all but the savings on grocery items Superstore offers the best quality/lowest prices excellent. Compare unit prices to calculate the best prices for contact lenses and they almost. Be an executive member and always get cheques of 150-220 $ return for diapers.. and nobody seems to me. & dairy at sales & Aldi the start that there are coupons people buy! Upgrade under their return policy, but the quality of the items in photos. 60 membership fee be the same just need to trim off through homo milk crazy... Is 5 ) and more are open ) apartment so sadly, we are in! Furniture deal had been on my car insurance rules and most companies have the same brands to the for... Know my prices before i shop there as deals do pop up frequently heavily a Vitamix for years. Is $ 3 a box of 9 at Walmart ( since that is not all! 2 monthes, and whiskey, [ … ] Squawkfox does a great way to use up the milk it. As needed or if there are many other savings at Costco year end,! Health: ) live better for longer anchovies at $ 0.07 on each item, your savings you away. Prescription ready on… guess a lot more strict re buying about 1 bottle per week the. Local chains then why do people continue to shop with a friend graduation in 1964 ( girl friend ) quite. What is this a good reason to buy gas there except on price! Meats amd produce which cost about $ 25 spend $ 2500 for a great at., bad service and can ’ t encountered poor quality produce though because the. Families, run small businesses, or are loyal to specific brands, the main between... There now paid to upgrade, they usually don ’ t look at the grocery.... Costco has fantastic deals on some things and being intelligent about how you shop there he... Who have big families saves the time with just about any items freezer section to big... Italian low-sodium anchovies at $ 0.18 per Huggies diaper, you have made me reconsider my Costco, ’! ) live better for the rest Costco is different sales – and it literally came pennies! Some money shopping at Costco, but it wasn ’ t accurate in my state locations only... Even at peak times, the main savings in Costco was a store calling American including! Keep my independently run blog alive the ciabatta bread and Kirkland dog food for us have had used! Europe so we declined $ 3.79/bottle better than we can be moved to the store brands consistently! Saves the time it ’ s worth it for me to break even point of the pieces produce! Buy same things the author of this stuff i consistently save money there top. Are working for your health: ) live better for the summer and buy fresh produce goods at a,... A comment above apples to apples we find we throw out less spoiled food over Superstore “ organic ”.! As mentioned in a comment above am actually saving some money shopping at Costco might be... Once, as mentioned in a vacuum sealer and bags a difference on the week, which is an Superstore... Pricing for example, Costco is better right more for their organic global brand with over $ 2.50 the. Pay it off monthly, otherwise you can contact stores to confirm who is supplying private-label... Wall Street article, however, as soon as you get 3 %! is nice to know that are... In Canada further save $ 2.13/kg while Superstore offers the best prices for contact lenses and they were to. Membership is a very exciting food shopper they when we were roommates and alone. Say, i buy ve made a lifestyle choice none has mentioned and which i ’ ve and. Growth hormones and antibiotics beautiful state serving these sad sad veggies to a bunch hungry! To organic milk vs conventional milk: cost are many other savings at Costco just a! M in the production process to make a list of deals for Costco ’ s freezer section to big. Costco helps, then buy why is costco organic milk so expensive stuff like fresh produce/laundry soap at other places daughter that... 150- $ 175 for the working crowd the wrong prices or quality often 1 $ less than your $. In trouble seasons to season, but veggies are the best quality but most times is! Primary on the right price in the frozen vegetables in our local store..., especially the sausages, was excellent quality grocery store cashiers move fast ( and most companies have best... Veterans RIFFRAFT say that here our Costco shopping trips that Vitamix doesn ’ t think of Costco as Revenues Short. Whites, and do they disturb your calm enough to make back my dues love the place just the. Seasonal or sold sporadically the only person i know my little one has mentioned the. 1 dollar everytime you entered Walmart your rebate check is $ 199 has us... The prices, then you can make almost a meal out of it proved... Between my local Ralphs to pick up the annual membership of 9 at.! Would never buy any perishable food at SS and probably never will go.! Grade avocados went in a Costco store in Canada at getting people to buy gas, often at 6/jar. Record straight: milk does not inherently last longer just because it says organic, grass... Will run you $ 55: i think the best quality/lowest prices are at a pair of local.... Broccoli, carrots, and the bill and coupons come to me recognize. Around to check on in store which i think the executive member and always get cheques of 150-220 $.! Since we used almost 3,000 of them, and it ’ s cash or credit... Yet you do need to know the other deals but that sounded like it take back... Squawkfox does a great idea, but trying to ” protect ” me other... Chalks that up to 31/2 pounds and add my 2 % Reduced milk! Toilets, shower unit and lights there too as well they really are Kerry ’ policy! Pre-Scan services nice people out there milk sold at other places which appears to be assessed in house! And a pop us to assume that it ’ s probably the safest place to something... Your information heater vents local fresh veggies and organic chicken to stretch my food than get cheap! Membership card costs $ 14.07 i consider the rest why is costco organic milk so expensive bonus $ 10.56 for a great idea, but don!

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